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Sharp needle like pains?

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Hi, I've had problems with IBS for years now. Only occassionaly does it get severe. What does worry me is that I have had 3 episodes over the last couple of months of what I can only call a sensation like needles are being stuck in my stomach.

They seem to come out of the blue, although today I had some left sided pain near my hip. I have this pretty much every day. But this evening, I was sat in the chair and suddenly this sharp pain started in the upper stomach, just below my chest. It felt like loads of tiny needles stabbing me (the only way I can explain it!) The pain spread across the entire stomach then eased off.

It has flared up again another couple of times tonight along with come cramping in my arms and I have been feeling very weak and shaky. I had to go to the toilet as it felt like I needed to go but very little happened!

I worry a lot as my grandfather had bowl cancer in his 40's and I hit 35 back in January. I have had blood tests done in December which showed normal levels of everything.

Any thoughts?

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